About Richard the writer

Thank you, thank you, thank you. A writer writes to be read. It is even more important than being paid. That’s why so many of us do it for free. We are like lab rats who, when given the choice, will tap the bar for drugs instead of food. But in our case, the drug is being read, being heard.

A writer is a writer is a writer. It is an element, not a compound. You do not have to prove yourself, you just are. You are born into it. There are some writers who don’t even know they are writers. They just walk around wondering what’s wrong and being generally irritated.

I describe myself as more than a bloke, less than a chap. I am a writer. I write at work, and then I come home and write some more.

Thanks for reading. Trust me, every tick on the reader meter equals a smile in my dark, cold overworked heart. I live in Los Angeles and blog when something happens –inside my head or out.



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